Monday, December 1, 2008

I've been warned...

By a few certain peoples that it's about time a new blog was posted.
So, here I go!
Seems like the more life experience I learn (which is really just a nicer way to say 'the older I get') the more important family and friends become to me.

The last few weeks has been full of fun and good memories!
Most of which I do not have digital means to remember them by. :O(
For more info: see Kender's blog
Here's just a few that I do have pictures of:
Pendels came over for some Rockband Delight.  They were both super good sports about singing and rockin out on the drums.  So much fun!!  And, my boy had a blast!

To all family and friends- do NOT comment that you have seen this picture.  My boy is liable to severely injure me as he was quite upset when he saw the flash go off in the moment (ha! Gotcha!). He had moved his drum kit into his room and was playing them.  I was confused by the drumming sounds coming from his room, so went to peek in.  Lo and behold, he was practicing on his Rockband drums (the game and console is in our family room, so this whole set up was a little out of context!), while watching on youtube.  The drum set wasn't hooked up, he was just drumming along to the guitar hero youtube video.  Love this boy!!
And finally- the beginnings of Christmas cards this 
year.  Better send me your addresses!! :O)
This one is called 'Village Christmas' (a Thomas Kinkade print turned into a stamp and put out by Cornish Heritage Farms). I tried colouring one in with my copics, but the blue stamped (Adirondack denim) version seemed to look better. Thanks to Theresa Unrau for that tip!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Been and Lo- you will totally get this face! 
(This one's for you, Been.  It follows your self-portrait from SABC this summer :O)
Today is the festive day of Hallowe'en, and we've got plans.  Kimmer (possibly), Pammer and Kender are coming over to partake in some Halloween hilarity. 
Way to pull out the guts, Buddy (and no, you're not too old for me to call you that)!
Before the hilarity, we needed to have some punkins in the house to livin things up.  Here are the pictures from this year's awesome pumpkin carving event. 
The last picture is of a card that was made for my Lo.  We don't get to see each other as much right now which sucks, but I think of her lots and wanted her to feel loved and thought of. :O)

Enjoy this chocolate season, everyone!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Secret Sister and Simoneous

This Wednesday night was the reveal night for who's name we drew in Life Group.
I was the lucky lady who drew Ms. Darla's name. Not that I've been the best SS by any stretch of the imagination, however, I really did enjoy thinking of her, listening to her thoughts and things that she would share and tucking it away to pray about later on.
Here is an example of one such card that came her way this last year.  Her's was a little different as it was an Anniversary card with a few added details.  This card template was actually designed by someone at Clipperstreet (they get full credit!). Love that place!
I did have pictures of the rest of the cards she received, but sadly, when my hard drive died last week, so did all of my personal videos and pictures. :O(
Oh well, it's just stuff, right?
Awesome day today. I'm so thankful for the first time experiences that were part of today, moments to meet and treasure people, first impressions, and of course, Date Night with my boy.

Lastly, one of the biggest highlights in my week is spending a few hours each Thursday with this wonderful little girl.  The very first picture on this post is my Niece, Simoneous.  That's not her real name, but one that my brilliant NinjaSister created in a moment of magnificent inspiration.
So, everyone, here is Simoneous. If her gorgeous little face doesn't make you smile, seriously.  You're messed.

Enjoy the weekend!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Family and Fall Flowers

I'm supposed to be studying and working on a powerpoint presentation for a class that needs to be taught on Thursday, but, this just has to be posted.
It's Thanksgiving, a time when people are supposed to reflect on what they are thankful for.
I don't want to be the kind of person who gets so caught up in life that she forgets to enjoy moments or begins to take these blessings in life for-granted.
This weekend has been killer.  Friday night, we were blessed by a call from Pammer, who was checking in with an awesome gesture to make sure all was well.  Pammer shreds.  Makes me teary.
Then, Been called and we were able to talk for the first time in over a week.  Loved it!  So miss that!
My very own Been lives in Alberta so when we would normally be driving our respective husbands insane (ok, fine, mine is purely in my imagination, despite post 10pm conversations) with frequent phone calls, coffee dates, dinners and chillin afternoons, we settle for phone calls that are farther and fewer in between (curse school!!) and yearly visits. :O(  Such is reality. Hopefully that will change one day. I also have a Harsinder, who lives in Delta with his Dilly and Simoneous.  
Last Sunday brought an awesome time with Darla.  A total surprise, didn't see it coming but seriously blessed my socks off. Love you, girl!
Sunday morning brought a knock on my door from Kimmer.  And with Kimmer were these:

And just now- a phone call from Kender and Pammer saying she's bringing over lunch cause they're worried I've dissolved from this world somehow.
I love my biological family- all of them!  But my girls (my Lois, Kimmer, Pammer, Kender, Darla, Elisa, Stephanie)- they are also my family.
Even when I'm more absent than present on Wednesday nights and when I'm there, still more absent than present. Ha! ;O)
Family: Where my story begins, unfolds, twists, disappears, gets punched back to life and keeps on going.
Energizer Bunny Style.
And now... lunch and then time to take off for Thanksgiving Dinner at Harris' house.  Ahh! So blessed!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Holy smokes! A new post!

Ok, so perhaps I am totally guilty of tremendous neglect with this blog.
I am ravaged with feelings of guilt over my neglectful actions.
In fact, perhaps they are turning into core beliefs (shout out!).

Despite the insane schedule of September, there were a few cards that were made.  Here is one such card.  This one was made for a co-worker's little baby girl who was born in August.  Hopefully she is not stalking this blog and therefore does not come across this card posted here. ;O)
And another such card:
Yes, indeed, a festive Channamus card.  Very important holiday and I was feeling festive.  This card was made using reverse embossing (yay, Theresa Unrah!) and just a few simple details.  With a few less snowflakes, I thought my sister might make something like this as I know she loves simplicity with cards.

Hope your end of summer was grand and that you are all enjoying the changing colours that fall brings!


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Micah and Ethan Saito

Aside from Jado and Kale, here are my other two favourite boys in the world.
Micah, despite sterns conversations to the contrary, decided to come into the world while we were in Alberta.  We finally got to meet him on Sunday and we are quite taken with this little man.
I was also so proud of Josh as he held Micah, asking various questions pertaining to bowel movements in newborns.  Excellent topic, that's my boy.  When you've got a question, ask!
Ahh, boys rock.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Been's house part 2

Blogger is so annoying sometimes. Those pictures took 45 minutes and a dozen tries to get them loaded.
I grew tired of waiting on attempt #5 to load the last few pictures, so am now making a new post!

A few other goodies from the week at Been's:

New kitchen in the new house!  Lorne and his dad built this from scratch.  So impressive... it turned out beautiful in the end!
Kale's funny face (grr!):

Josh's birthday celebration:
Ovechkin shirt! Yess!
Sweetest birthday cake EV
ER for a strapping young lad:
Team collaboration in building the fan.  So funny!!  Awesome work, Peeps!

I love my family!!

Summer Vacation at Been's

Here are some very late pictures of our week in Alberta!

Aside from a few days of some sort of stomach ailment, it was a splendid time. And, even during the days of not feeling well, we took in many an Olympic game- good times!

Memorable moments that were actually captured on film (too many to count- these are just a few that we remembered to take pictures of!!):

Raz is THIS way, Charlie!

Super Slim n Fit Been self portrait- one of my favourite pictures from the trip!
Yay Been!

Josh at the beach, crankin some ipod tunes and checkin out the waves.

Lorne and Josh watching a British TV show. It's not often I hear my bIL laughing out loud to a show. Even more rare to hear that laughter punctuated by Josh's high-pitched squeal laugh!
Jado at the Beach.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Simone's #1

Ahh, yes. Today is the start of vacation!

I have pre-set some fabulous cards to blog themselves while I'm away. Hopefully this will work....

Here is Simoneous' birthday card. We were a little late in getting this puppy signed (by both of us) and mailed off. It has a theme of pink (cause she's the only girl I can spoil that way!) and ones (one butterfly, one candle, one cupcake, one number, one flower embellishment, one ribbon, one swirl, etc).
I love the paper and the colours.

Happy Birthday, Simone!

Card Recipe:

Paper: Cornish Heritage Farms Ultra Smooth White, Bazill card stock, Chatterbox pattern paper (I think!)
Stamps: My Favourite Things
Ink: Brilliance Chocolate Brown and Graphite Black ink
Ribbon: American Crafts
Embellishments: Memory Makers pink star brad, Memory Makers flower tag, Liquid Pearls (pastel pink and yellow).

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Lo's Unfinished Baby Shower Invitations

Here are the baby shower invitations that will be sent out to everyone on the list (pending approval by Sandra, of course).

These cards come as a single piece, but the top portion flips up to reveal the information inside.
In looking at these cards, I'm thinking I might add on a few more baby stamps to the front cover. Not sure- I will consult with Dilly on that one.

I was going for unisex, but not in the typical pastel colour kind of way. Instead, went for darker colours as I loved the pattern paper and had quite a bit of brown and navy card stock to use as well.
The 'date', 'time', 'place', etc details are small but hopefully people who get the gist of the information once we fill it in. ;O)
Not bad for a first attempt at shower cards!

Hmm. I think I will also do some copic colouring or perhaps some water colour painting inside to add a bit more life to the image. It definitely feels not completed!

Ok, back to work ;O)

Card Recipe:

Paper: Cornish Heritage Farms Ultra Smooth White, Bazill cardstock, Chatterbox pattern paper
Stamps: Clear Stamps
Ink: Brilliance Graphite Black
Ribbon: May Arts
Embellishments: Memory Makers white brads, White eyelets.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

A card for Dad's Birthday

I should have been catching up on reports and IEP's last night, but nay. Time to crank out some cards. Feels like a month since I sat down to make a card! It felt great!
Here's one that was made for my dad's birthday, which is today (Happy Birthday, Dad!).

On another note: YAY for Twitch making it to the finals in SYTYCD! Whoop!!!! (Although I wish that Chelsea had made it through instead of Katie :O(

Card Recipe:

Paper: Cornish Heritage Farms Ultra Smooth White, Chatterbox patterned paper, Bazzil Basics.
Stamps: Stampendous, MSE sentiments.
Ink: Brilliance Ink (Graphite Black),
Ribbon: May Arts
Embellishments: Stampendous A-Peel Stickers, Paper Piercing, Yellow and clear Stickles.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Unfinished cards

There is less than 1 month to go before school starts again.
I am trying (albeit unsuccessfully) to create a store of cards that I can use for various events as they come up.
Here's a few templates using reverse embossing... yep, here's the complete store of cards that I've only got!
No idea how life is going to fit all together come fall...
This blog may just become extinct! ;O)

Card Recipe:

Paper: Cornish Heritage Farms Ultra Smooth White, Bazill for all others
Stamps: Hero Arts, MSE sentiments.
Ink: Versamark, clear and black Tsukineko Embossing Powder, Cat's Eye Pigment Ink
Ribbon: Bobbin Ribbon from Michael's
Embellishments: Quickie Glue pen (picked one up for my sister and thought I would try it out- love it!!), Memory Makers Eyelets, EK Corner Punch, Stampendous Ultra Fine Glitter, Distress Ink, Paper Piercing.