Saturday, January 17, 2009

Some festive pictures...

To start off the year...
Another Christmas card.  Loved the ribbon on this one.
Coloured with my Copic Markers, Sakura glaze pen, Bazill basics paper and patterned paper.
Yumm.  Perogies.  This shot is for Friesen...
Let's try this uploading process again! Note the pictures will be in random order...
Mat, opening gifts on the Big Day... an electric razor! Yeah!

He he hee..

My boy and his Canucks jersey (post haircut).  You can feel the excitement just looking at his face! Ha!
(Apparently this is Chris' Angry Face??).  Poor guy hasn't seen anything yet...

Ahh, family.  
We had a new edition to the Christmas week this year.  
Chris.  Oh dang, love the many faces of my brother Harry.  It is a skill in itself to capture a picture where he is not mutating his face at the last second into something like this....
Here's Chris chowing down on some Borscht and Perogies (one of Mom's many specialties!).  Welcome to GF, Chris!
My awesome possum niece, Simoneous.  Many pictures taken of this little monkey over the week.  So delightful!
There's nothing like being welcomed in the driveway by Grampa (wearing his crazy toque!).  You can see his excitement at having his family home for Christmas (although Been wasn't able to make it this year).

Road trip to Grand Forks for Christmas.
I love the scenery on the trip up.  Any time of year it's just breathtaking.... you can see why!
J was the photographer/ videographer for this trip, hence the very candid photos of myself.  Thanks, Son. Ahhh!

Monday, January 5, 2009

A new year!

... and a new semester.
Hard to believe, but this one is going to be more intense than the last semester.
I'm not sure how exactly everything will work out this term, as I have fits of anxiety just thinking about how and where to schedule 6 hours of unpaid direct observation (for after school clients), on top of a very full course load and full time work + home and (somewhat of a) personal life.


Oh, may the next 2 years SAIL on by...

No doubt this blog will become very infrequently posted on as, on my life or priorities, this will need to bear some of the flexibility brunt.  However, should anyone in blog land devise some way to clone humans, be sure to let me know.
Since blogger is not letting me upload any more photos, I will post them next time!

In the meantime, I did have the chance to work on a few cards.  Here's one...