Monday, December 1, 2008

I've been warned...

By a few certain peoples that it's about time a new blog was posted.
So, here I go!
Seems like the more life experience I learn (which is really just a nicer way to say 'the older I get') the more important family and friends become to me.

The last few weeks has been full of fun and good memories!
Most of which I do not have digital means to remember them by. :O(
For more info: see Kender's blog
Here's just a few that I do have pictures of:
Pendels came over for some Rockband Delight.  They were both super good sports about singing and rockin out on the drums.  So much fun!!  And, my boy had a blast!

To all family and friends- do NOT comment that you have seen this picture.  My boy is liable to severely injure me as he was quite upset when he saw the flash go off in the moment (ha! Gotcha!). He had moved his drum kit into his room and was playing them.  I was confused by the drumming sounds coming from his room, so went to peek in.  Lo and behold, he was practicing on his Rockband drums (the game and console is in our family room, so this whole set up was a little out of context!), while watching on youtube.  The drum set wasn't hooked up, he was just drumming along to the guitar hero youtube video.  Love this boy!!
And finally- the beginnings of Christmas cards this 
year.  Better send me your addresses!! :O)
This one is called 'Village Christmas' (a Thomas Kinkade print turned into a stamp and put out by Cornish Heritage Farms). I tried colouring one in with my copics, but the blue stamped (Adirondack denim) version seemed to look better. Thanks to Theresa Unrau for that tip!