Friday, May 30, 2008

Reverse Embossing class with Theresa U

When the invitation goes out to hang out with Theresa U for an evening of 1:1 instruction on card making, you don't say no!
What a blast!!  DS and I enjoyed an excellent dinner of fantastically BBQ'd burgers with LK and the family, a DQ Ice Cream cake for dessert (thanks dessert friends!) and then the ladies headed to Theresa's dream craft room while DS and Chad rocked out on GH3.

It is a room of paradise, I'm telling you!!

And an awesome evening where Theresa espoused her vast knowledge of all things card-making to show LK and I how to create a card using reverse embossing and a little distressing.
We used clear embossing powder on super smooth white paper (Cornish Heritage Farms) and stamped the branch image using Versamark.  Next, we distressed using a sponge and some Tim Holtz distress ink to give it that 'sky' background, stamped the Paper Trey branch image, added the sentiment as well as some embellishments (including some Liquid Pearls- awesome idea, Theresa!!) before securing it to the brown card stock.  
This was my final product.  LK's looked awesome as well; hopefully she will post a picture!

Now I'm so pumped to use my new reverse embossing skill! YAY!  There will likely be many more such cards gracing this blog in the future.


New Background!

I've been playing around with a few templates today as I am bored with the older version.
Any thoughts? 
I'm not sold on this one yet so will likely make a few more changes as I go.

I have lots of cards to blog, but I need to wait until the people they were meant for actually receive them!
Coming soon....

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lois and her Belly

So, my bestest buddy is preggers with #2.  I'm convinced this time it is a Baby Raz.  So sure, in fact, that I am working on the 'welcome baby Raz' announcement cards that I am planning to send out on behalf of Lois and Dave.
At least, in my mind I am ready to send them out.  Lois will be ready to send me out... to the friendly people with white jackets so maybe I should keep that as an 'inside thought'.
Here's some pictures of Lois' belly for her and my sister to enjoy. :O)
Hooray for new babies!!!
You look FANTAB, Loer!  Yay for 3 more months to go!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Paper Trey Sympathy Card

I'm supposed to be earning money to pay for the not-working-for-a-whole-week-while-in-Quebec trip, especially with the wonderful Income Tax that is waiting to be paid back to our wonderful feds.  But, here I am, finally getting the chance to dig my hands into some card making time.  
This card was made with the feedback of a certain teenager.  He thought it turned out swell.  Excellent feedback.  I like the simple white card stock background.  I opted not to add any embellishments as the card seemed to work better without that detail.  I am also making a similar one in blue as a thank you card for one of the sensational teachers at my son's school. 
Stay tuned...
There is a whack-load of cards that need to be made in the next week or so.  Hopefully, I will be able to post some of those puppies as well!!
Everyone seems to be going stamp-happy right now- I took a quick look at a several of your sites today and feel so out of the loop!  Great to see that everyone is so creative!

School Reports beckon me, I must answer... Hope to see you back here soon,

Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Just before we head on out to the wondrous land that is Quebec, I wanted to make a quick totally not all related post for Mother's day.

Here's a very unrelated card that I had kicking around waiting to be posted.  My sister, Mom and a few others will receive variations of this sucker... I love the template (you may find this one familiar to other posts!).  I think I also used this template in my BS order??  Anyway, it's a frequent flyer to this part of the woods. ;O)

Happy Mother's Day, everyone!!!!  To those who have babies, those who want them, those that had and lost them, those who gave them up for adoption and mothers who lost their babies through abortions but who still experience that sense of loss.  Here's to you! :O)


Truly my family and friends rock in the most absolute ways.First, my friends Pammer and Laura threw DS and I a wicked evening of FUN with cheesecake, Christmas papier and gifts unheard of!  Head on over to LK's site to check out some of that sweet action.  Thanks, Pammer and Laura!!!!!

Two sleeps later, Harris and Dillis invited DS and I to hang with Simoneous and eat excellently BBQ'd food. I *heart* BBQs!!!  
Love, love, love BBQ food!  
Here's some funtastic pics from that
blessed event.  Please note that my bro made this amazingly stellar cake!   Chocolate icing, sprinkles, cherry kick-arse ice cream.... YUM!!!!

 Seriously- that is a huge event in and of itself.  Don't remember the last time he baked anything. Mayhap this is a first!!  Oh, I shall treasure these memories foreva.  
Kudo's to J for his madd photog skills.