Sunday, February 8, 2009


Sadly, this term seems to be all about deadlines.  
Seems impossible to stay on top of everything.  So, what am I doing tonight? Trying to alleviate the internal loss of control feeling that has pervaded my senses.  And this blog, you see, is one of the many things in life that is spiraling out of grasp.
I'm also baking cookies. Why?  I sure as heck have NO time for that (with 5 major assignments due tomorrow, a conference call with my school supervisor, exam + meeting crammed into 1 day).
It's insanity!  But, my bathroom is clean, and that gives me pause for a few deep, peaceful breaths.  Perhaps I am trying to find some of that calm and sense of accomplishment in blogland?
Made a card for Adam's birthday using my Kale and Ethan Dino-Mite set from MTF.  Also love the textured pattern paper (can't rememeber who makes it!).

Here are a few cards that have been made in the last little bit ('little bit' being a subjective term that I shall not elaborate on).

Until next time, I'm....