Thursday, March 5, 2009

Winter 2010

Oh, how I so look forward to the end of school.  I want some life back!  While I am enjoying some of what I'm learning, I am not a scholar and often struggle with the time investment required to maintain good standing in the program.
Not to complain, just a statement of life as it is: I look forward to when time that is currently consumed with school, can be relegated to other priorities in life (which can then resume their needed place).
It will be nice to go to BS on Wednesday nights and not feel weighted by the volume of coursework that is waiting at home.
Likely it won't be as simple as this, likely there will be other things in life that will volley for time.  
I would like to keep in mind my end goal for this program- not just to get some pretty letters after my name, but to create a better life where I can work less and spend that 'extra' time investing in people, relationships, causes that are important to me.  
I detest the rat race that is the lower mainland and crave other things out of life.
I do not want to work 6 days a week for the rest of my life, or wake up and realize that the best years have zoomed past and while I may have somewhat of a bank account to show for it, relationships with the people I love have significantly suffered.
No thanks.
I do not want that to be my story.
So, to my friends and family, please understand.  I want to get there, but have to wade through the process to reach that goal.
Who knows what the future holds?
(Been, stop right there)

To that end, celebrate life!



Been of your life said...

Why stop right there Raz? I love this post. You are one of the most driven women I know. I admire that. You set a goal and accomplish it with flying colors. Admirable!! The future holds wonderfuk things....

Been of your life said...

Oh ya , one more thing. Love more photos of Chris and handycap Harry. The card is cool. Love the circle paper. Look at you finding more time to bolg;) <3

Lois said...

totally understand Raz. Hope I haven't made you feel pressured to get together.
Love you tons. I hope you feel small victories (and big victories )as you bulldoze through all you have on the go.
Here's to the future...xo

Harry Tournemille said...

Indeed, the rat race is a draining, useless affair.

Um...did Janina really say "wonderfuk" (first comment)? Ha ha ha.

Hang in there, though. Schooling is never about the grades nor the fancy paper at the end, it is about advancing one's knowledge, their understanding of themselves and the world they inhabit. And, like you said, bettering their lives. You seem to have the right mindset, so I imagine you are on the right track.

Simone will be glad to see you and Josh when you finally emerge from your cave.